S1E36 - The Iron Man Wrestling Podcast – Episode 36

Episode 36 of the Iron Man Wrestling Podcast.

6 years ago

Episode 36 of the Iron Man Podcast arrives, and we discussed the following:

  • News

This weeks news. Including: UK WWE trials; Royal Rumble updates; Kurt Angle Watch; WWE Network indies; Women's wrestling tournaments; Broken Matt Hardy and the ping pong match that is the WWE Raw Women's Championship scene.

  • TLC 206 preview

We discuss the card for this year's TLC event.

  • 205 Live - Episode 1

How does the first episode of cruiserweight show 205 Live stack up? We give our thoughts.

  • Fatally Flawed Way - Bald Wrestlers

This weeks' fantasy match is a slight departure from the norm. We throw 8 men into the ring from all eras of wrestling - and in this instance, all bald - and figure out who would win the match.

  • Overrated or Underrated - The Big Boss Man

Was Ray Traylor overrated or underrated in the ring?

  • Management Choice

Who would you rather be managed by? The Jackal or Paul Ellering?

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